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The Awning, your friend during summertime
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The Awning, your friend during summertime

Fixed or retractable awning will become one of your best allies. To maximize traffic while creating a summer atmosphere, the summer canvas will offer you the opportunity to stay outdoor longer while protecting you from elements. A must for your deck!

The galvanized steel structure or aluminium stays maintenance free and is covered with its seasonal fabric cover available in various colors. You always have the option to cover your structure of vinyl that will stay permanently.

  • A wide choice of attractive colors available to you
  • Retractable or stationary replacement cover
  • Galvanized steel or aluminium framing covered with 100% acrylic fabric tear resistant traction
  • Air permeability and water discharge
  • Limited 10 year warranty

Camping and trailer awnings

Perfect for seasonal camper! The camper awning creates a different environment and to protects campers from the whims of Mother Nature. To install the awning trailer, we recommend the use of post-spring or stationary. The fabric is usually made up in vinyl and it is possible to add nets or curtains, which can double your living space during summer.

A large selection of colors and options are offered to you